3 Reasons to Consider Medical Cannabis for Veterans 

About 15% of medical marijuana patients are military veterans, and there is a reason for that. Veterans who can’ get medical cannabis through VA, which is a federal agency, may go through a medical cannabis dispensary. Those who want to use it want to help with seeking out treatment, and there is much debate over there. Here, we’ll go over three reasons why veterans may want to seek out medical cannabis, and why it may be the best care possible for these people, especially if they’re struggling with a lot of serious conditions that medical cannabis can help with. 

Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain and marijuana can actually help with this, and many veterans who use this have said that it does help with the injuries and pain sustained during active duty. It also is one of the most common reasons that many people use this. For example, some people may use it for traumatic brain injury, and pain in the shoulders and spine, and it can help to sustain a lot of the benefits. It can help to address a lot of the issues, and some men even report that they got their life back through this. 


Marijuana can help combat veterans with PTSD and other conditions. THC and CBD do work with the hippocampus, and in the brain, this helps to reduce the instance of hyperactivity that’s happening in your amygdala, and it is something that’s commonly a symptom of PTSD. 

Cannabinoids are used to improve the overall symptoms, improving quality along with quantity, improving hyperarousal, and also helpful for treatment-resistant nightmares too. Cannabinoids are effective for those who have PTSD, and they can help to enhance the training for a lot of people, and it is relatively pretty tolerated by many veterans who use this. So yes, it can help to treat this, especially if there are serious episodes of this going on. 

Painkiller Alternative 

Veterans who deal with chronic pain usually are given painkillers, but they are easily addictive, and it can actually contribute to the opioid epidemic that people have. About 65% of veterans who have chronic pain are twice as likely as those who aren’t veterans to die from accidental overdose of prescription opioids. 

That’s scary, which is why a lot of veterans are looking for alternatives to painkillers, and many will use cannabis instead for relief. Because of this, the instance of death in those who have overdosed on medical opioids has fallen a lot, and there are many who aren’t using them as poorly as before. With that being said, it’s reduced the deaths from overdose, and the dispensaries have helped veterans acquire this as well. 

For a lot of veterans, this is a much safer alternative than the drugs that are there but of course both veterans and non-veterans alike can benefit from this as well. A lot of veterans are automatically approved for a medical card too. It’s recommended that you get a medical card so that the prescription of cannabis that you get from this is fitting for the problem at hand, and it can help you as well improve your health and wellness over time. 

With that said, over 30 states have it legalized medically, so you might want to talk to someone, schedule appointments, and from there, start taking care of yourself today so that you’re able to get the cannabis that you want. They also have discounts too on this for veterans too, so consider talking to your doctor to find out if there is anything to do. 


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