Common Questions About Marijuana Edibles

There are a surprising number of people out there who do not necessarily know what marijuana edibles are. While cannabis continues to grow in popularity as more and more states legalize medical marijuana, there is a certain lack of awareness that the general public has about cannabis. Many people think of smoking a joint when they think about marijuana. While this is perhaps the most popular and historically accurate method of consuming marijuana, there are now many different ways that you can consume cannabis that doesn’t involve inhalation (which refers to smoking, vaping, or dabbing).

As the cannabis industry has blown up in recent years, there has been an increase in the variety of products offered by dispensaries everywhere. Some patients who could benefit from the use of medical marijuana are hesitant to try it because they do not want to smoke weed. If only they knew more about other options of using cannabis like edibles! So if you are interested in using edibles in the near future, whether you are trying to treat or manage medical conditions or simply enjoy cannabis, I can offer you a few pieces of advice and some answers to commonly asked questions regarding edibles.

The great thing about edibles is that they are relatively cheap and very available in the current market. Edibles do not require any additional accessories like bongs or vapes, so it is super easy to just head to the nearest medical dispensary and pick up some; even today if you wanted to! There is also a difference between the content of an edible depending on different types.

If you are a person who only likes to use CDB, you can find CBD edibles! In addition, edibles are available with THC for those who enjoy a bit more of a high than others. Edibles are a great choice for dealing with any chronic pain or disease, and they are ultimately just another way to enjoy your cannabis.

One of the questions that I hear a lot is this: do edibles smell like marijuana? Sometimes people avoid smoking weed because of the smell and they want to be discreet. This is because there is still quite a stigma associated with smoking marijuana, and some medical patients feel insecure about smoking weed. In attempts to be discreet, many patients prefer products that do not have a strong cannabis smell. The good news is that many of the dibbles you can purchase nowadays do not have a strong smell whatsoever.

You could open a package of THC gummies on a packed subway train, and you would be the only one to know your secret! Of course, some edibles smell more strongly than others, but most edibles like lozenges, capsules, or gummies do not have any sort of smell. In some of the most expensive and higher quality edibles that you can find in dispensaries, you seriously will not even be able to test any trace of cannabis at all, and you will still feel the effects of it in approximately 30 minutes or so. However, it may be important to mention that some cannabis edible users report having “marijuana breath” after eating their edible of choice, so it might be beneficial to keep some breath mints or gum handy in the case that you need to cover your tracks!

Another question that I get a lot as a cannabis guru is this: can you eat too many medical cannabis edibles? The answer to this is yes. It is definitely possible to overdose on marijuana, but the symptoms are nowhere near as dangerous as other drugs or medications.

While there are no recorded cases of a fatal marijuana dose, it is definitely not a fun time to experience. People who overdose most likely have not been using cannabis very long.

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