Can Cannabis Cure Deaths From Overdosing

We are all well aware of mariijuana’s ability to prevent overdoses from occurring on opioids and other related medications. Why is this? It’s because marijuana is often used to treat the same type of conditions that people use opioids for. Whether it comes to having a long-term chronic disease, disability, or dealing with some sort of chronic pain, millions of Americans suffer every year from opioid addiction that may eventually end in overdosing and dying.

Marijuana can play a crucial role when it comes to curbing some of these addicts off of their opioids and giving them a more safe and natural alternative to treating their conditions. We know that this works because many states have legalized medical marijuana and have seen the results! That is why I am personally a huge proponent of medical marijuana.

However, today I wanted to write about an interesting piece of news that I found out about the other day. Regulators in the United Kingdom are currently throwing around the idea of providing inmates in prison with cannabis and marijuana. Now I know what you are thinking – why would we give drugs to people who are in prison? Well, you may be surprised to find out that giving cannabis to prisoners may actually improve safety and could reduce the amount of deaths related to overdosing and violence. Keep reading to find out more!

We should start off by talking about current marijuana laws in the United Kingdom. At the moment, recreational weed is not legalized in the UK, but medical cannabis is considered legal for a certain number of individuals who qualify for it under certain conditions. However, it would pretty much go without saying that if weed was provided to prisoners, laws and policies surrounding public use of marijuana would become much less strict. So if that is the case for the prisoners, maybe citizens in the United Kingdom can look forward to getting their hands on medical marijuana soon as well.

Comparing all this to the United States, it’s no secret that we could learn a thing or two about marijuana usage from our brothers and sisters across the pond. When it comes to incarceration here in the States, a study shows that more than 20% of inmates in state prisons have some sort of severe mental illness, which is much more than the amount of long term patients that are kept in hospitals.

It’s also true that these individuals are in a very hostile environment with prison and most likely lack the support and resources they need to get back on their feet, all while dealing with a severe mental illness. With all that in mind, it can start to make sense why prisoners in our justice system may need some marijuana here and there. 

It is true that many prisoners who enter the prison system here in the U.S. are already addicted to drugs. This can create a whole host of issues for individuals who are going through withdrawals from not getting their fix. However, some prisoners are able to get their hands on illegal drugs through illegal transport and smuggling into the prisons, which makes prisoners very susceptible to overdosing while incarcerated.

A large number of felons die from a drug overdose as soon as they are released from prison as well, since some are not able to get back on their feet very well. With that being said, it makes sense for marijuana to be brought up in this problem. Marijuana can help reduce levels of hostility and stress, as well as aid in the treatment of mental illnesses for individuals in prison systems.

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