All About Terpenes and How they Impact the body 

When we look at the different characteristics that are possible in various cannabis strains, we’re usually looking at the cannabinoids of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids and what they have. But another compound that isn’t as known is terpenes, and they [play a huge role in the smell, the flavors of your cannabis, and the effects that are created by the cannabis plant. What do they do though? Read on to find out. 

What Do Terpenes Do? 

These are compounds which occur naturally in animals and plants, and are known for producing scents, colors, and tastes of different plants, especially cannabis strains. They also keep fungi and insects away from the plant. They’re produced in trichomes on the cannabis plant, or the crystals present on the budges and leaves. There are more than 100 different terpenes, and usually, they’re found in aromatic herbs and fruits that are citrus. 

How they Affect you 

There are still plenty of unknowns that go into terpenes, how they work, and of course the reactions. The dominant terpenes though, or what’s called the terpene profile, is a cannabis strain and how it interacts with CBD and THC in order to create various effects. For example, one strain maybe a relaxing one, while the other is much more energizing. Those are typically attributed to the cannabinoid content that goes into this, including the percentages of THC and CBD, and also the terpene profile that goes into this too. 

They work with the ECS in order to create what’s called the “entourage effects” in you.The theory behind this is simple: different compounds that are in this, when they are consumed together, offer a full-spectrum of benefits to this, rather than just one specific effect for one part. 

The most common terpenes 

There are over 100 of these in the cannabis plant alone, but five very common ones. First, there’s myrcene, which has an earthy smell and taste to it. This is found in hops and may help with sleeping, can lower pain and inflammation, and also be used to help those with cancer during treatment. 

Limonene is a citrusy scent that’s like lemons. This is used in some cleaning products. It may help to uplift your mood, has antifungal properties, and also may be considered an antibacterial as well. Linalool is a floral and spicy scent, which is used in mint, coriander, lavender and cinnamon. This can help to relax, reduce seizures, help with arthritis, depression, reduce insomnia, and help with the treatment of cancer. 

Caryophyllene is a peppery and spicy scent, and is found in cinnamon, rosemary, basil, black pepper, and cloves.  It has anti-inflammatory benefits, and can help to reduce anxiety and pain, and also is good for those who are suffering alcohol withdrawal. Finally, we have pinene, which does aptly smell like pine and wood. This is found in needles and trees, parsley, basil, along with rosemary.

This is used for asthma and ulcer treatment, helping to reduce chronic pain, and it also may cause different effects of THC in those types of strains that are more pinene dominant compared to others. And there you have it, everything to know about terpenes and what they can do. They can impact the body in both good and bad ways, but the best way to figure out for sure if terpenes are right for you is to talk to a professional to help you with this, and to help you better understand the effects of them as well, and what they can do to your body. 

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